Wizard of OZ

The Collection

Many Have asked me, "How did your family get started collecting OZ?"
As far back as I can remember, the watching of the Wizard of Oz has always been a family tradition.
In fact, we have the first TV Guide (1956) in which the advertisement of the movie appeared.
It was a family time, we all took our bath, got into our PJs and grabbed a pillow to hide under when the
Wicked Witch appeared with her flying monkeys. We collected the coloring books, records and Mego action figures.
For Halloween, I dressed like the Lion, my brother Bill was the Tinman, my sister Denise was Dorothy,
 Kevin was the Scarecrow, and my youngest brother Dennis was Toto. (our costumes are in the collection)
It continued to grow as we collected autographs, books from around the world, and some pretty rare pieces
people would donate or offer to the collection. After more than  50 years of collecting, the collection has grown
to over 24,000 pieces, most of these are in Wamego and will be rotated in and out of the Oz Museum.
The staff has done a marvelous job at displaying these great pieces of our literary and entertainment history.
 So if you are ever in Kansas, do not hesitate to visit this wonderful little town and this one of a kind Oz Museum.

OZtober Fest 2019

Wamego, Kansas

OZtober Fest, Wamego, Kansas  Past Memories

  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow &4:49

Peace to All My OZ Friends