• Let the River Run3:40


Aug. 2- Friar Johnpaul's 65th Birthday

July 28- Aug. 3-  Franciscan Sisters Retreat, Manitowoc, Wis 

Aug 9-18- Mass celebration in Tepic, Mexico

Aug 19- 25- Retreat- Sisters of Peace, Peoria, IL

Aug 26-30  Family Visit PA


Sept. 1- Masses HF, Inverness, 9,11 am,

Sept. 1- Wedding, HF  1pm

Sept. 4- Ministry Day- OL Mother of the Church, Chicago

Sept. 5- Home Mass, Palatine

Sept. 7- Wedding HF- 230pm

Sept. 7- Mass- HF, Inverness 5pm

Sept. 8- Mass- John XXIII- Arlington HTS.  11am

Sept. 8- Baptism- St Rita, Chicago  2pm

Sept. 10-  St Cornelius Staff eve of recollection, Chicago IL

Sept.  15- St Gratian Memorial, Countryside IL

Sept. 22- Mass AGLO, Mt Carmel, Chicago IL 7pm

Sept. 27-29- OFS Retreat, Springfield, IL


Oct. 3-7- OZtober Fest, Wamego, Kansas

Oct. 12-19-  Sisters Retreat, Baton Rouge, LA

Oct. 30- Nov.5- Out of Town Mission Planning