Topics      Talks-Retreats-Missions

1.* Introduction to the New Testament                                                    8 -12 sessions
2.* "Our Way of Life". The Gospels                                                            4 sessions
3.* "Who Do You Say That I Am?"  Images of Jesus                                 1 - 4 sessions
4.* "Is The World Coming To An End?"   The Book of Revelation          2 - 6 sessions
5.* Learning to Love Paul & His Letters                                                    1 - 4 sessions
6.* "Giving Birth to Christ in Our Lives"   The Infancy Narratives         1 - 2 sessions
7.* "Poured Out for You"  The Passion Narratives                                  1 -2 sessions
8.* "Our lives - The Eighth Sacrament"    The Sacraments                     3 - 7 sessions
9.* "The History of a People"     Introduction to the Old Testament     8 - 14 sessions
10.* "The Body of Christ"      Church History                                            8 - 12 sessions
11.* "Did You Hear Me?"     Communications Skills                                 1 - 6 sessions
12. "Welcome to the Family"       Sacraments of Initiation
13. "Marriage in the Lord"           Making It A Relationship for Life
14. Relationship to God, Self & Others
15. "And God Said It Was Good"           Christian Sexuality
16. Spiritual Touch: Massage Workshop for Health & Healing
17. What Ever Happened to Sin?      History of Morality & Reconciliation
18. Making Life Matter: Values & Happiness
19. The Shroud of Turin: Fact or Fiction
20. Self-Hypnosis: Motivation for Life
21. "Keeping Christ in Advent & Christmas
22. Creating Faith Families: Suggestions for a Christian Family
23. Spiritual Aerobics: Keeping our Faith Life Fit
24. Make Me an Instrument of Peace: Reflection on the Peace Prayer
25. A Couple's Evening: Keeping the Relationship Healthy
26-What Do Catholics Believe? The Creed.
27- Self Care for the Care Giver- NEW
28- The Spiritual Journey- Reflections on the Wizard of OZ- NEW

* - The topics marked with an asterisk are 1 - 12 week sessions or courses for Adult Education, Days of Reflection, Parish Missions or Retreats. Some topics would also be appropriate for teen lectures, retreats, or days of reflection.

Parish Mission Topics
The Triptych of Love-(Advent or Anytime)
Lent: No Greater Love: Reflections on the Seven Last Words
Lent #2-We Were There: Reflections from the Foot of the Cross
Make Me An Instrument of Peace: Reflections on the Peace Prayer-

Preparing for Easter Peace: Reflections on the Peace Prayer
Fall, Lent or Easter Season

The (Lenten) Spiritual Journey- Reflections from the Wizard of OZ- NEW

Men -  "Warriors For The Lord" : Masculine Images in the Scriptures
Women - "Who is Running the Church Anyway?” Women in Scriptures

Building the Kingdom- Confirmation a Choice to Love

Seven Last Words (See Lenten Mission Topics)

Spiritual Aerobics: Keeping a Faith Life Fit!

Thy Kingdom Come: Reflections of the Lord's Prayer

Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace: Reflections on the Peace Prayer